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It’s all so quiet

Hello! The blog hasn’t been silent because I’m lazy or busy; A few months ago I became a Zone Leader for  This has me churning 3 articles a week out over there.  It’s been an interesting experience on many levels; primarily seeing just how angry people on the internet can get when someone expresses an opinion, but also seeing how posts I though were amazing have had relatively low hits, and posts I thought wouldn’t interest people have gone on to be super successes.

I’ve now got permission to repost my articles here, which I’m going to start doing with my favourite ones.  You can see them all along with comments and likes by heading to this link though.

Below are 3 of my most “popular” articles so far which I’ve enjoyed writing; they’ve had a ton of hits and/or a lot of comments.


Exceptions in Java: You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong

This has gotten really popular since the editor changed the title to this slightly more provocative one.  People simply won’t let checked exceptions go! Fortunately there’s also lots of people that do understand it and have offered support.

Upgrade Your Code Conventions

A list of some things that I do differently on my code bases to most people.  It’s generated some good discussion, and it’s also found some good trolls.  The one with the most opponents is not using @Override, which in fairness I’m not that passionate about.  I’m glad that hopefully people have reevaluated their coding.

Disposable Architecture: The Tiny Microservice

Not so many comments but a lot of views.


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