About me

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Thanks for coming to my site and reading what I have to say. If you’d like to talk to me directly then feel free to ping me on twitter (@samba_codes). You can email me directly via sam (@) samatkinson (dot) com.

I am a full stack dev who’s been plugging away in various financial institutions over the last 15 years. I spent the bulk of the first half of my career working primarily in java on a variety of FX trading and back end systems, including a wonderful 4 year stint in Hong Kong. After a year of travelling the world I returned to the UK where I worked on a variety of projects, including some cool AI/insight work as well as building an entire Social network (think YouTube, meet-up and a conference platform) as a side of desk project which now has a 99%+ usage at the large bank I worked for. I worked in Kotlin, React, Node and pure HTML/JS during this time.

The last year or two has seen me embark on a fresh challenge at a major startup, fully grasping the full stack mantle and wearing all the proverbial hats, building everything from risk dashboards, entitlements systems and our entire Kubernetes cluster. This has been using React, Node and a lot of GraphQL.

I’m truly a wide, jack of all trades dev, who specialises in quick delivery. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some wonderful teams with some fantastic management which has helped me hone my dev philosophy. I specialise in being able to come up with simple, iterative solutions to problems which means getting usable systems in front of users in days not weeks.

I’m always open to discussing new opportunities so please do drop me a line if you have one.