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Hi, I’m Sam. I’m a tech lead who’s spent most of my career working at financial institutions. I love Java and Kotlin, and I’ve picked up some reasonable JS and react skills along the way.

I don’t like writing these things, so instead here’s some answers to the question “what could you talk about for 30 minutes with no prep?”

  • What developers can learn from astronauts (which I did as a talk at RedHat DevNation SF. They messed the audio recording up, but you can catch bits of it here)
  • Why focusing on increasing your release cadence is the most important thing any team can do
  • Why TDD is an incredibly important skill
  • Lean Startup and my main failures and (less so) success with side hustles
  • Hong Kong (and why you should definitely live abroad, at least for a little)
  • US Politics
  • Running and ultramarathons

If you want to chat more about anything, drop me an email.

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