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Nested ternary statements in React components

After discovering our ESLinter hasn’t been running for some time I’ve spent most of today going through trying to fix a whole bunch of eslint and a11y issues in our React app. I hit quite an interesting one:

/*eslint no-nested-ternary: "error"*/

Which basically means, don’t do this:

const drink = dislikeCoke ? 'fanta' : likesCherry ? 'cherryCoke' : 'dietCoke';

Which I think in general everyone can get behind as a rule. It’s not readable code, even when split over multiple lines with indentations, and should be broken out into if statements.

However, this is a very common pattern in React where we can use ternary statements to do conditional rendering in a component.

 <h1>Data Loader!</h1>
        { this.state.loading ? 
        <h2>It is Loading.</h2>
          : ? 
          :<h2>There was no result!</h2> 

(This is a very contrived example).

I poked around on the internet for a while and the best alternative I’ve found to this is to extract the second part of the ternary into a stateless functional component. The component can still live in the same file so it’s still quick and easy to comprehend, and I found it to be a nice way to encapsulate the UI code.

const DataDisplay = ({data}) => data ? 
          :<h2>There was no result!</h2> 
          { this.state.loading ? 
        <h2>It is Loading.</h2>
          : <DataDisplay data={}/>

Full example codepen below:

See the Pen Improved Ternary React by Sam Atkinson (@samberic) on CodePen.

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